Yard periods, haul outs and refits require a lot of planning. Projects is the perfect tool for all departments to keep on top of project planning, budgeting and reporting to management. Once a project is complete, a history of the tasks, contractors used and timelines is stored. Ideal for next time!

Create, track and complete project tasks with ease

Projects is a key component in keeping on top of all the work items, costs, and schedules related to large projects such as yard periods or complex modifications and retrofits. Absolutely indispensable.

- Leonard Teo, Yacht Manager, Yachting Dynamics

Manage Projects, People and Costs

Projects gives you the tools to manage a project from start to finish. Consolidate yard period documentation into one location and generate reports for management and owners.

  • Schedule project tasks and organise contractors or crew
  • Complete project tasks and maintain project history for years to come
  • Track project budget through projected costs and actual costs
  • Upload project related documents including contractor reports, invoices and quotations
  • Add images of important project milestones in your project gallery

Keep on top of your project budget with Projects

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